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right wire tips for local electrical service

Can you think of at least one area where you frequently swap out power cords and cables?

What happens when that cable fails? Unplanned downtime? You're too busy for that.

Why is it failing?

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Is there a lot of flex or tension in this particular cable? Is the area known to have an occasional or frequent impact? Will your cable come into contact with chemicals or will it be exposed to extreme temperatures?

When choosing the right cable for your problem area, you should first ask yourself why the cable fails and how often it disrupts production. If your answer is often, it's time to look for a more durable product.

As experts in the industry, we can help you find the right solution for your broken wire.

Here are four tips to consider when choosing the right electrical wire with the longest lifespan and reliability Your Needs:

If the area you want is frequently flexed or stressed, you need a fine-wire, high-strength cable like our Trex-Onics C-Flex product.

If you look for a cable that may need protection from shocks, e.g. if knocked over or run over, consider a cable with a thick, reinforced jacket. Our Super Trex portable cable is lined with 100 maintenance units. Don't you like yellow?

They are also available in black.

Do you have harsh chemicals in your facility? You may want to explore our Chem-Gard 200 TC certified cable solution with a specially formulated fluoropolymer jacket and conductor insulation.

If you have extreme temperatures - cold or heat, you then you should Check out our Thermo-Trex 850, a high-temperature power cable for your environment.

Several types of high-performance power cords and cords are available, with single or multiple conductors - including high-temperature electrical cables that designed for a variety of demanding applications.

No matter what type of cable you want to install, be sure to consider both the application and the environment in which the cable will be used prior to installation.

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