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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.What is Earthcare?

A. Earthcare is an eco friendly contacting management service and lead provider


Q. Who Founded Earthcare and when was it founded?

A. Earthcare was originally founded in 1994 as an Atlanta area landscaping company with a vision to be a great company that could revolutionize the lawn care industry.


Q. What is 1800-RENTA-TEK?

A. It is the fully own subsidiary of earth care and is responsible for the contracting and lead generation services that our pros use


Q. What are pros?

A. “Pros” Is short for professional and is the term we use to describe our trades people


Q. Are your pros qualified?

A. All of our pros are background checked; drugs tested, and are responsible for maintaining their own licenses and insurance in accordance with their own state laws. All pros are also verified through E-Verify to prove that they are eligible to work in U.S


Q. Are your “pros” employees?

A. Our pros are independent contractors


Q. what benefits does Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK offer consumers?

A. We offer standardized prices and qualified pros, unlike traditional contraction service providers, with us you know the price you are going to pay, and unlike other organizations we boost a big number of providers so you are always free to request an alternative provider. We also back our pros work with a 5 year guarantee, meaning you know the work is done right


Q. what benefits does Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK offer pros?

A. unlike traditional lead services such as Yelp or Angis, the price has already been set in accordance with our set rates meaning the pro is guaranteed a certain pay, we also offer benefits such as paying the pro cancellation fees in case the job falls through covering material costs in many circumstances , travel benefits and bonuses. Unlike our competitors we do not charge the pro’s for the leads upfront, Earthcare and its staff are not paid until the pro arrives onsite to start work.


Q. What services are offered on /  /

A. all contracting services are offered on this website in accordance with state laws


Q. does Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK offer gift cards?

A. Yes our Earth pass can be purchased in our store and be used to pay for services


Q. What kind of payments do Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK accept?

A. We currently accept Zelle, Cashapp, , Wise , Bank Transfer, and Cryptocurrencies


Q. What days and hours is Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK open

A. Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK are 24/7 providers


Q. What locations are currently served by Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK

A. Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK currently serve the areas mentioned on our location page

Q. Does Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK offer discounts

A. Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK offer military and veteran discounts, Police, Firefighters, and single mothers


Q. Does Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK have reviews?

A. Yes, we are a top rated provider on both Google. Angies and Facebook


Q. How does Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK know how much a job costs without seeing it?

A. We use our own proprietary estimating software along with inputs from master tradesmen that set our rates for us, every Earthcare job has a preset rate that is flat


Q. What is a flat rate?

A. A flat rate means that the quote is not subject to change

Q. What are Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK Core Values

A. our core values are offering a reliable and standardized service while at the same time empowering our pros to be the best image of themselves.


Q. Is Earthcare a registered business

A. Yes Earthcare is a registered reporting company


Q. What languages do Earthcare / 1800-RENTA-TEK providers speak

A.  We have both English and Spanish speaking providers.

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