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make plumbing easier with local plumber tools

Having the right tools on your computer makes work easier and helps you do better work, faster. But plumbers and DIYers just getting into the trade may not be sure what they need. We look at some of the most important plumbing tools and how they help make plumbing easier and more effective. Wrenches Wrenches are essential for any plumbing job. Used to loosen and tighten pipe connections, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and uses: pipe wrenches, sinks, and faucets.

Despite the variety, the two basic types of wrenches are open and adjustable. Open-end wrenches feature a fixed jaw that adjusts to a specific connection. They usually come in a set with a dozen wrenches in various standard or metric sizes. An adjustable wrench can be calibrated to fit different sizes of pipe, nut and bolt. A good pipe wrench will get you through most of your jobs, but you may need a sink wrench or strap wrench for some harder-to-reach jobs.

And if you can dodge either one, you know the rest. Hacksaws Hacksaws help plumbers cut pipes and other plumbing quickly and accurately. They're often overlooked when listing essential tools for plumbers, but this tool is what most tech tours use. The cutout is critical because it's the only way they can position and adjust the pipes within the one-of-a-kind and variable spaces. As hacksaw blades can easily break, it is important to have spare blades on hand.

PVC Pipe Cutters Pipe cutters are used to resize plastic pipes and smaller water pipes. Over the years, homes across the United States have replaced their metal plumbing with PVC and PEX, which are not prone to corrosion. Because of this transition, plastic cutters have become an essential part of a plumber's tool kit. To keep these tools as effective as possible, buy ones with stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is lighter, stronger and resistant to corrosion.

You should also keep sharpening the cutting edges to ensure they always make clean, quick cuts. Propane Torch Most plumbers carry a small gas torch used for soldering, welding and repairing copper pipe is used. The torch applies heat to the ends and joints of the copper tubing, effectively sealing them. For best results, invest in a sanitary torch from a reputable company like Bernzomatic or Uniweld. Not only are they safer to use, they also deliver the best results.

Quality torches also last longer, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. Pliers Pliers are masters at tightening and holding hex nuts on pipes and radiators. The pliers are particularly effective because they are adjustable and fit into tight spaces typical of most plumbing and HVAC jobs. To get the best results from your pliers, invest in insulated pliers with a slotted handle for a more secure grip. Beginners often use pliers in situations where they should be using wrenches.

This usually results in broken nuts and damaged tubes, so be careful when using them. Pistons and Snakes Skip the cheap, terracotta colored ones when shopping. for a pestle. Instead, buy a professional one that looks like a big honey pot. These create a better seal, move more water per stroke and are more effective at pushing clogs through traps. Drills and snakes are effective at clearing clogs in larger pipes.

It costs more upfront, but buying a power drill or snake will save you time and your wrist in the long run.

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