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How to clean marble countertops

What you will need

Materials / tools

Dry microfiber cloth

Damp Cloth

Spray Bottle


pH Neutral Stone Muffler

Mild dish detergent

Marble sealer (if applicable)

Marble polishing powder

Sodium bicarbonate


Clean with mild soap or detergent

Use a damp cloth and neutral pH detergent designed for stone (consult your countertop company for their recommendations) to clean your countertop.

Alternatively, you can also use mild dish soap and water. Clean and wipe gently with a soft, damp cloth.

Rinse with a damp cloth

Clean the top with a clean cloth, damp cloth or towel. Rinse the cloth with water and scrub until all the suds are gone.

Dry with a soft cloth

Dry the worktop with a soft, dry cloth or towel to avoid smudges or streaks

Dust once a week

Dust at least once a week once a week with a soft microfiber cloth.

Buff occasionally as needed

Sprinkle baking soda on the countertop and wipe gently with a damp cloth to buff the surface. Use a damp towel to wipe off the soda and dry with a soft cloth.

For gentle etching, locate a marble polishing powder approved for use on your countertop and follow the package directions.

Seal as directed

Seal countertops regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer, or when you notice water does not drip when spray on the surface.

Sealing helps prevent stains and damage and keeps marble countertops looking great.

Note that some marble surfaces do not need sealing, so check with your manufacturer or retailer to make sure your countertop requires a sealer.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Marble Countertops

When using a marble countertop for food preparation, you will need to need to clean up any spills immediately. Splashes of acidic foods and drinks like tomatoes, citrus fruits, sodas, coffee, wine, fruit juices and even vinegar will damage the marble.

You can also lay down a protective sheet, such as silicone or plastic, or use a cutting board when working on a marble countertop.

Marble tolerates hot pots and pans, but you should always protect it with a trivet. Use placemats and coasters under plates and glasses when serving on a marble counter.

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