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Installing a hot water dispenser in the kitchen saves energy costs. These water dispensers use no electrical energy until requested to deliver hot water, and then deliver 190 degree hot water when needed. Instant hot water dispensers are similar to non-tank-less point-of-use water heaters, but are less expensive and easier to install. For most, the most difficult part of the project will be cutting the hole in the sink to mount the dispenser.

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Mark the spot on the sink apron where you will mount the hot water dispenser. Locate the center of the area and tap the center to keep the drill bit from drifting, then drill a pilot hole with the 3/8" bit. Finish the hole with an appropriately sized extraction punch. If you are using a hole saw instead of a hole punch, do not drill the 3/8" hole as the hole saw has its own center drill bit. the donor into the hole.

  • 2. Install the bracket for the tank under the sink. Position this bracket so the bottom of the tank assembly is at least 3 inches above the bottom of the cabinet. Check the bracket against the spirit level before fully tightening the mounting screws. The slotted holes in the bracket allow enough freedom of movement to align it.

Install the tank on the bracket and secure with the screws provided.

  • 3. Turn off the cold water supply under the sink , cut the copper pipe with the pipe cutter and install a compression tee. Your kit comes with a saddle tee, eliminating the need to cut copper tubing/pipe, however these saddle tees are not acceptable under some plumbing codes. Installing a compression tee is the best way.

  • 4. Connect the tank inlet to the newly installed tee using the tubing and compression fittings included in the kit. Cut the hose long enough so that the connections are free of tension. When making the connection to the tee, hold the tee with a wrench while tightening the union nut with the other wrench. Make the connection to the fitting on the tank in the same way.

  • 5. Plug the hot water tank into the outlet used by the dishwasher or garbage disposal device, if equipped. If an outlet is no longer installed under the sink, you will need to create a new circuit from the service panel or extend an existing circuit to provide an outlet for the dispenser.

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