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7 Indoor Flooring Maintenance Tips | Care for Your Floor

July 09, 2018

Clean, Maintain, and Protect your Hardwood, Tile, Resilient Vinyl, and Carpet Flooring


Whether engineered or solid, those insights will assist you maintain your hardwood ground in suitable shape.

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Sweep, dirt and vacuum your flooring. If the usage of a vacuum, connect the right tough ground adapter to keep away from scratching the end of your timber.

Use the proper cloth. Microfiber is best. It type of is going with out saying, however specially keep away from metallic wool, scouring powders, or abrasive cleaners. Also keep away from the usage of a buffing machine. You know, those designed to eliminate ground finishes...

Use the proper cleanser. Choosing the right cleansing answer relies upon at the end of your hardwood (floor end or penetrating end), now no longer a lot the timber itself. Using oil-based, wax, polish or robust ammoniated merchandise can stupid your ground’s end, and that could now no longer be cool. We deliver Shaw Floor's tough floor cleanser in our showroom. (You may also have observed Josh demonstrating it.)

Wipe up spilled water immediately. Dry any status water as quickly as viable. Even floor completed hardwood can go through water damage.

Don’t mop (withinside the conventional experience wherein you are soaking your flooring with plenty of water). Mopping your hardwood ground introduces manner greater water than you’d ever need to spill onto your ground via way of means of accident. This extra water ought to seep into the timber fibers and reason swelling and warping, and that could be sad 😢

Use access mats and ground protectors. Implementing the usage of access mats in excessive site visitors regions and ground protectors beneath heavy fixtures can boom the lifespan of your ground. Ask us for a few felt ground protectors, and we will hook you up.

Rearrange Your Furniture Periodically. Let your floors proportion the burden as frivolously as viable via way of means of redirecting excessive site visitors on every occasion you pass your fixtures around.

BONUS. So here’s any other cool tip: If you drop gum or candle wax onto your ground, you could eliminate it via way of means of first hardening it via way of means of rubbing it with an ice dice after which scraping it off with a plastic card.


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Keeping your ceramic, porcelain, or herbal stone tile at its best.

Sweep or vacuum first. Before the usage of any cleansing answers for your tile, eliminate dust and particles with a soft-bristled broom or vacuum with a tough floor attachment to keep away from setting scratches for your glazed tile.

Glazed tile cleansing. Mmmm… glazed. After sweeping or vacuuming, smooth your tile with an all-purpose (non-oil-based) family cleanser. Mixing a few water with a slight detergent additionally works. If you’re feeling creative, you may introduce an acidic component like clean lemon juice on your cleansing answer, powerful for putting off cleaning soap scum and alkaline kind stains. Don't upload an acidic option to your cleanser if you are cleansing marble or different herbal stone floors. The pH stability for your cleansing answer wishes to be impartial or it's going to smash down your material. Read greater approximately worrying to your herbal stone floors on this article.

Unglazed tile cleansing. Unglazed ceramic or porcelain (man-made) tile lacks the melted glass coating of its glazed counterpart. It’s lots much less slippery while moist however greater porous because of this that you want to be greater mild while cleansing it. Hot water and white vinegar aggregate is endorsed. The vinegar aggregate is amazing specially when you have youngsters and pets on account that it’s chemical-loose and secure if ingested.

Cotton, microfiber, or chamois-fashion cloths. Avoid the usage of sponges or sponge mops as they generally tend to push dust and dirt into cracks and grout joints.

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Grout Joint Cleaning Tip. Mix baking soda and water together, forming a paste, and rub it onto your grimy grout joints. After letting it take a seat down overnight, scrub the grout with a stiff nylon brush. Repeating this step to get your favored consequences can be necessary.

Reseal your flooring. If you need your tile set up to maintain searching suitable and stay typically impervious to stains, seal them after set up then reseal them each yr to two years. If water doesn’t bead at the grout lines, it’s probable time for the resealing regimen.

Protection. Tile is robust, however it nevertheless suffers put on and tear. the usage of mats in excessive site visitors regions and ground protectors beneath fixtures is endorsed.


Follow those pointers to maintain your resilient vinyl floors (Sheet/LVP/LVT) in tip pinnacle shape.

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Immediately following set up. Keep foot site visitors to a minimum. And for glue down vinyl, keep away from setting fixtures at the ground till after the primary 24 hours.

Clean Daily. (Or at the least make that your aim) Clear your ground of doubtlessly negative dust and grit via way of means of dirt mopping or sweeping each day. Having suitable access mats can reduce down on the quantity of dust and oil tracked interior from the amazing outdoors.

Clean spills immediately. Vinyl is water resistant however leaving a spill status for your ground for a protracted time period will increase the hazard of staining.

Protection. Hopefully you get this via way of means of now. Protective mats (with out rubber or latex backing) at excessive site visitors regions and pivot joints (like in the front of your kitchen sink) can boom the sturdiness of your flooring and save you seen put on spots. Floor protectors (plastic or felt) which might be non-pigmented and at the least an inch extensive are endorsed.

Avoid direct daylight. This is a tip for all floors and fixtures, really. Lower the blinds throughout brilliant instances of the day to limit direct daylight for your flooring. Over time, it could reason discoloration. Excessive temperatures also can reason growth of the vinyl material. While a few corporations are popping out with dimensionally strong alternatives, it is nevertheless an awesome tip!

Do now no longer use vinegar or cleaning soap or detergents. Soaps and detergents can go away a dulling impact for your ground's end. Use an permitted resilient vinyl cleansing answer like Shaw Flooring’s R2X Hard Surface cleanser or Mannington Flooring’s Rinse-Free Cleaner.

Do now no longer use a vacuum with a rotating beater bar. It ought to scratch your lovely ground, and again, that could be so sad.


Whether reduce pile, loop, or the reduce and loop carpet combo, observe those upkeep and cleansing care pointers to your most carpet satisfaction.

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Install the Right Pad. During set up, get it proper from the start with the right carpet padding, specially on stairs. Check the carpet's guarantee hints and discover your carpet pad alternatives.

Don't Track Dirt Inside. This is so apparent it is nearly funny. But seriously, make your lifestyles simpler and make your carpet's lifestyles longer via way of means of having suitable walk-off mats to maintain the dust, grit, soil, and asphalt outdoor and rancid your carpet.

Vacuum Regularly. This is said via way of means of certainly considered one among our important supplier's because the maximum essential upkeep tip. In mild of this and the myriad of vacuum cleanser alternatives at the market, we have got blanketed a hyperlink beneath that will help you make an knowledgeable vacuum cleanser decision! We propose which you then use that educatedly bought vacuum cleanser to smooth your carpets thoroughly, specially in excessive site visitors regions.

Treat the Affected Area Immediately. The faster you could get at it, the better. The longer spilled meals or liquid stands for your carpet, the much more likely they may be to depart a stain.

Clean Your Carpets Regularly. Using a warm water extraction method, smooth your carpets each 12 to 18 months. It's endorsed to lease a expert cleansing carrier and one which follows the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. A poorly wiped clean rug can in reality boom the price at which your carpet breaks down. So ensure you do not reduce corners here.

Minor Repairs. Use scissors to scale back snags or free piles. If the there are small burn spots at the carpet, you could use a couple of curved nail scissors to scale back the burnt pointers.

Spot Cleaning. When spot cleansing, absolutely eliminate the detergent or answer used to keep away from any residual sticky residue that simply draws greater dust. Derry, our owner, could quite propose the usage of Shaw Flooring's R2X Stain & Soil Remover, which does not want to be rinsed out. Bonus!

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