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essential cleaning tools by local handyman service

13 essential cleaning tools ready to tackle any mess

1. Vacuum cleaner

Whether it's a Roomba, a Bissell or a used workhorse you bought from your local Buy Nothing group, you definitely need it to keep your floors (and carpets and blinds) clean. ). If you're short on space, consider a lightweight cordless vacuum that can be hung behind a closet door.

2. Damp mop

Cleaning floors can often seem like a messy (and sticky) situation, so it's no wonder so many of my friends admit they rarely do it.

However, nothing really makes my house cleaner than a wet broom. There are mops for everyone: flat mops, wringers, and spin mops, but my favorite is this spin mop. It comes with a bucket that has a simple squeeze and dip mechanism, so it's completely hands-free. And the best part? The moppa can be thrown in the washing machine.

3. Terry Cloth

I use Five Two Terry Cloth on virtually every surface in my home. I love that they have different colors so I can divide them up by room, and it never ceases to amaze me how absorbent they are - they're ready to handle the biggest spills. Plus, they're designed to break down in a home enclosure in six weeks! How many victories!

4. Use a microfiber cloth

It is versatile and can be washed well in the washing machine with normal laundry detergent.

5. Latex-free gloves

I had never used gloves for cleaning, until one day my hands decided they could take enough. I love that these gloves are latex free (hello, allergies) and are so easy to put on and take off.

Your hands deserve (and will appreciate) the care and, oh, while you're eating them, treat them with hand cream, right?

6. Scrubbing Brush

The list of things you can use a stiff bristle brush for is very, very long! They work on almost any surface (tile, concrete, etc.), remove clutter from carpets, soot settles from the fireplace, dirty your shoes...and they don't even let me know how good they are effective on mortar!

7. Toilet brush

While I love a good DIY fizz 'n' flush routine, you really can't avoid a good scrub with a sturdy toilet brush. This toilet brush from Blomus is sturdy, well made and also beautiful to look at. The glass protects the brushes and bristles and the brush rests on a tray instead of sliding through the accumulated water below (raw). It's also available in eight gorgeous colors!

Really, nothing transforms the bathroom into functional, elegant and slender objects.

8. Sponge

A sponge could rival a scrub brush for the most versatile tool on the list, moving efficiently from sink to hob, from tub to grill. Nothing against sponges from a regular grocery store, but my favorite is the one from Grove Collaborative, made with a combination of natural plant materials and recycled plastic fibers and, despite everything, it's completely scratch resistant. So go ahead and use them on your favorite non-stick pan with no worries in the world.

9. Extendable Duster

There will be more and more dust, even if you are the most careful cleaner, and especially where the eye can't see (think: moldings, baseboards, cabinet and cupboard tops, fans, etc.). Enter: this OXO duster that stretches and adjusts to reach the highest surfaces and the farthest corners, even twisting so you can change angles. The best of all? Yes, you can wash the microfiber garment.

10. Squeegee

This handy tool fits in your shower, especially if you have glass shower doors and want to keep water and soap residue away. soap. They're also great for your window cleaning routine, yes, in the absence of old newspapers. To get the most out of your spatula, be sure to store it carefully to avoid damaging the blade.



A good sized bucket is not only ideal for storing all your cleaning supplies, it is also ideal for a number of other household tasks: from soaking your delicate items filling water for your plants and organizing things under the kitchen sink. While you're carcinogenic, just grab the first one you see at your local hardware store, think about things like size (will it fit snugly under the tap to fill and then remove? Where will you keep it?) And other features like a comfortable handle or spout. If you live in a small apartment, you might also consider a folding apartment like this.

12. Old Newspaper

Go back there again. I can't sing enough praise, but I've done it before, so I'm going to stop. Oh, they're also great covers for your bookshelves.


Toothbrush removed

Your toothbrush has a lifespan that extends beyond its removal from the side of the sink. An old toothbrush is one of the most underrated cleaning supplies, whether it's cleaning tiles, smearing walls, cleaning grout, or getting into a bunch of tight corners in the kitchen. Don't store it next to your toothpaste afterwards.

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