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electric vs natural gas stoves merits by local HVAC service

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Electric and gas hobs: is one better than the other?

Home Compatibility

Gas ranges require a gas line. Many homes do not have one and it can be very difficult and time consuming to install one. The lack of a gas line can be a problem for many people. Electric stoves only require a power outlet. Most homes are built with an outlet behind where the stove would go.

If there are none, they can be easily installed. If your house does not have a gas line, it will be easier to install an electric stove.


Gas and electric stoves have very similar prices. They usually cost between $700 and $1,700. Although they are similar in price, they have different operating costs.

Utility costs are different in every state, but on average, a gas stove costs 10-30% less than an electric stove. While it is cheaper to operate, gas stoves use more energy. Gas stoves are less expensive to operate and use than electric stoves.


Gas stoves react very quickly to changes in temperature. They also have more control over certain cooking techniques like charring, roasting, and flambéing.

Electric cookers lack the skills to perform these techniques. If you want to know which pan cooks faster, watch our video. If you have more advanced cooking needs, an electric stove may not be for you.


There can be arguments in favor of the security of both. Some people are a bit cautious with gas stoves, because of the open flame.

Electric stoves can also cause fires, but the risks are lower due to the lack of flame. Electric stoves can be dangerous because often you can't tell if the stove is hot or not.

Gas stoves also present a risk of gas leakage. If the cooker is installed correctly, gas leaks are unlikely, but it is still possible. Homes that use gas stoves or gas appliances must have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.


Gas stoves have easy-to-remove grates and burners, which make cleaning a lot easier. Electric stoves are flat and smooth, making it easy to clean. If you have an electric stove with electric coils, that's a different story. These can be a pain to clean. Learn how to properly clean your hobs and ovens here.

It all comes down to what you feel most comfortable using. Both gas and electric stoves have pros and cons, so pick the one that's right for you! We hope you have learned something new and feel more confident in your decision to purchase a cooker or cooktop.

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