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ring doorbell connected to existing chime local electrical service

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Earth care contractors offer top rated 24/7/365 local service at no extra cost. Visit us as To learn more


Will a Ring work with an existing doorbell?

A doorbell is a fantastic smart home device that does so much more than a standard doorbell. It is a security camera and doorbell integrated into one device that will alert you via Wi-Fi whenever someone approaches the door. And it comes with a built-in two-way speakerphone so you can talk and see the person from anywhere. Whether you've just moved into a new house or apartment, a Ring doorbell can help protect your home and your belongings.

Best of all, a wired doorbell will work with your existing buzzer if the buzzer is AC powered and outputs between 8 and 24 volts. They are also compatible with other Ring devices such as Ring Chime.

How do I get a new Ring Doorbell to use existing sound? It's simple, if the Ring Doorbell system is connected to the existing cables of the old doorbell, it can work with the existing doorbell. It is also possible to deactivate the doorbell so that it does not make noise.

But you'll still be notified over Wi-Fi. Your new Ring Doorbell will sound just like your old doorbell.

Some old sounds work with a Ring Doorbell and some don't. The wired doorbell will work with your old doorbell if the doorbell is AC powered and produces between 8 and 24 volts. If your buzzer is DC powered, it will not be compatible with your Ring doorbell.

How do you know if your existing buzzer is AC or DC powered? In this article, you'll learn more about setting up a new doorbell and how to determine if it will work with your existing doorbell.

Can a ring doorbell work with an old doorbell?

A Ring doorbell can work with an existing beeper if it is wired and powered by AC power and not DC power. The ring is connected to the electrical network of your house, this is what connects it to the buzzer.

If Ring is wireless, it won't work with your old buzzer because it's not connected to it.

The power supply you need for a Ring doorbell is AC and between 8 and 24 volts. This is considered a low voltage cable.

Most doorbells that work with a buzzer are AC powered. However, if you are unsure whether yours is AC or DC powered or not, here are some ways to find out:

PowerDescription in the line.

Change its flow depending on how much power a device needs. Almost all homes in the United States run on AC power. The cables are not galvanized and come from inside the walls. DC powered doorbells means the power comes from a battery that powers a device directly. If you have a smartphone plugged into a power bank, that's DC charging.

A constant flow of energy comes from the batteries to the device. The cables are usually zinc coated and run on a battery

Tips on whether the Ring doorbell can work with an existing buzzer

The best way to tell if your existing doorbell uses AC power or DC is with a voltmeter. You can buy a cheap one for around $25. Just make sure it has a function that can identify AC vs. DC. The voltmeter will tell you if the power source is AC or DC.

Another way to say this is to inspect the cables. If the cables are running from a single battery and not from the wall, it's probably DC power. However, if there are wires coming from inside the wall to the buzzer, it is most likely an AC power supply.

In most homes, AC power comes from the mains while DC power comes from batteries. But make no mistake when you open the buzzer and find a battery.

Some doorbells have a backup battery in case of power failure. In this case you will see the cables connecting to the battery and the cables coming from the wall.

Will a ringing doorbell work in an old house?

As long as your old doorbell runs on AC electricity between 8 and 24 volts, a doorbell will work just fine. The age of the house does not matter, but the type of power it has.

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The problem with very old houses is that they are not always up to modern electrical code. As long as the house is wired to code, has AC power, and the volts are correct, you should have no problem installing a new doorbell. But I have a lot of experience renovating old homes, and I can tell you that electrical is one of the most common things that need updating.

If you are looking to hook up a doorbell in an old house, you would advise calling an electrician. They will have all the diagnostic tools needed to check the type of power supply and the flow rate.

But if you want to try it yourself, buy a good quality multimeter. Be sure to buy one that can detect both AC and DC voltage and power levels.

How to connect a Ring doorbell to your old doorbell

Once you understand if yours is your existing doorbell will work with a new Ring doorbell, it's time to install it. Luckily, it's pretty simple to do.

If your old doorbell works with air conditioning, here's how to connect your new Ring Doorbell to an existing pager:

You must first charge the Ring Doorbell if it has a spare battery.

Then turn off the power to your old doorbell. For security reasons, this is a very important step.

Next, remove your old doorbell so you can see the exposed wires.

Mark where you want to install the bracket. I recommend using a small level to keep the ring square.

Screw the mounting bracket to the wall.

Wrap the doorbell wires around the raised terminal screws.

Tighten the screws to hold the wires inside location.

Secure the cables to the mounting bracket.

Finally, attach your Ring Doorbell to the mounting bracket.

Fortunately, you don't have to be an electrician to install your RingDoorbell on your existing doorbell wiring. Doorbell cables are low voltage and fairly easy to use. But if you're not sure you can do it yourself, call an electrician.

I strongly recommend that you turn off the power before working with any type of electrical wiring. Even if the doorbell wiring is low voltage, it can still hurt you.

Read and follow the instructions that came with Ring before performing any installation. They make several models, and some may have additional installation requirements. These instructions are general and may need to be modified depending on the Ring Doorbell model purchased.

1. Charge the Ring Doorbell

Start by charging the Ring Doorbell if it has a spare battery.

To do this, connect the included micro USB cable to the back of the doorbell and to a power source. This will cause a blue LED light to appear on the front of the doorbell.

2. Turn off

Make sure your existing doorbell is turned off before doing anything. This is done by disconnecting the fuse in the electrical panel.

Even though doorbells operate on low voltage, they can still be dangerous.

3. Remove the existing doorbell

Remove the existing doorbell which will expose the wiring. There are usually only two small screws that attach a doorbell to the wall.


Mark the wall

Mark the area where you plan to install the ring. I recommend using a small level to make sure the mounting bracket is square. I typically mount my doorbells about 48 inches off the ground. You can measure the top, bottom, or middle of the mounting bracket.


Install the mounting bracket

A doorbell does not attach directly to the wall, it attaches to a mounting bracket. The bracket is what secures the ring to the wall. That's why it's installed first. Take your time, it is very important to install the level bracket. If the mounting bracket is installed correctly, the ring will sit perfectly.

The mounting bracket is fixed to the wall with screws. I recommend using a screwdriver with drill bits so you can pre-drill the hole.

6. Wiring

Take the existing cables coming out of the wall and run them through the base plate of the Ring. Then attach the cables to the two screws on the base plate.

Tighten the screws to hold the wires firmly.

7. Attach the base plate

Attach the base plate to the door frame with the screws provided. I also recommend using a screwdriver for this.

Earth care contractors offer top rated 24/7/365 local service at no extra cost. Visit us as To learn more

Now that the new Ring Doorbell is connected to the old wiring, it is also connected to the existing buzzer.

Each time you press the Ring button, you will hear a beep. The wiring will also ensure that the battery remains charged in the event of a power outage.

8. Ring app

Download the Ring app and create an account. Sign in to your account to set up your Ring and adjust its settings.

This is a simple procedure that includes step-by-step instructions.

Adjust Wi-Fi and video settings. Press the button on your Ring Doorbell to check its video quality.

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